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“Twinkies are really bad for you." 

We all know that. I felt the need to emphasize it, and yes, I ate them as a kid too, I’m sure my shelf life is pretty questionable as a result. 

Anyway, there’s my segue into my thoughts on food.

To sum it up, to live a lifestyle of health, the food you put in your mouth is going to dramatically affect everything; your happiness, your wellbeing, your stress, and loads more. If you’re eating processed foods and drinking cans of soda (please put the can down) then you probably feel like crap. 

Yes, I said crap. Sugar highs and sugar lows make you feel like crap!


If you’re ready to accept that you might be impacting your physical and mental health by your food choices and that you should occasionally replace the french fries with kale and maybe cook more often then not; then it’s time to start making changes (not huge ridiculous changes, and not the cookie diet (which sounds awesome, I know), but more like little changes that are realistic to your lifestyle, sustainable and simple that make sense, for YOU). 

:: I integrate the body, mind and soul together…holistically.

Since they all work together it makes sense to treat them together. If your gut is a mess, your mind is probably a hot mess, and if you’re stressed on top of that…all your system are wreaking havoc on your health. The food you eat is just as important as taking care of your mind and physical body, but it you aren’t eating the right foods to support them; then you’re probably suffering in some way. 

:: No two people are the same.

Seriously. We aren’t.  No diet book is going to know YOU and treat YOU. That’s why they make us feel like crap when we fail at them, they set us up to fail! My counseling style emphasizes the partnership between you and I both. I support you (like a fairy godmother) and we figure out what changes are best for you. Think, realistic and keeping the realities of life in mind, sustainable and simple. 

:: I believe in eating real food, ditching the word “diet” and nourishing your body..

with foods that are as close to their natural state as possible (aka: whole foods, real foods, clean foods, unprocessed).

If there’s a humongous ingredient list, you should probably chuck it. But I still enjoy the occasional kettle corn and absolutely eat cupcakes when I really want one. However, I also eat boat loads of kale.

:: Whether you’re an all or nothing personality..... 

type or tend to do better making gradual changes over time, I’ll help you succeed so that you have a lifetime of wellbeing. This is not a temporary fix and it is definitely not a quick fix.  

If you’re looking for that, we aren’t a fit, and that’s okay.

::: I strongly believe in and am a practicing

functional medical nutritionist Learn more about my credentials if you'd like here. I also have an East meets West Philosophy since I studied and practiced as a clinical dietitian for years before starting my own practice. 

:: I also embrace and am continuously studying Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga (Note: I am not an ayurvedic doctor/practitioner nor do I claim to be). However, I do and can integrate it nutritionally.  


Functional Medical Nutrition is just like Functional Medicine in that it approaches the body by treating the root cause of disease. Functional Nutrition looks at the foundational way that food affects your body on the cellular level. Food is much more than calories, in fact there are millions of molecules of information in every bite of food that you eat! These molecules come into your body, effect how your cells behave and how you feel. 


Ayurveda treats the body by the condition it’s in so that it remains or comes back to what’s known as it’s natural state. This “life science” treats  you as an individual and identifies your dosha (personality type, physical body type, etc.) so that you prevent disease via the foods you eat. The point is to always keep you in a state of balance (sattva in sanskrit).

The weather, seasons, foods you eat, type of exercise etc. will all play a role in maintaining that balance. If you’re curious and want to know your dosha (pitta, kapha, vata-the three types) one of my favorite online resources and quizes is here. Once you know your dosha (usually you’re one primary dosha but we all have all three within us…then one is often out of balance, referred to as your condition) then you can determine what you can and should be doing in your daily routine, even moment to moment in order to support this.


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