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Kristen Dato

Just warning everyone that I am a cheese ball so lmk if it needs a little less cheese and maybe some ummm bread or something: Jen is one of those people that when you meet her your soul says thank you universe! Yoga helps us find balance to live a meaningful and purposeful life. When you meet Jen, you instantly feel a sense of balance from a wide variety of multi-level flows and asanas that she teaches, her teaching on alignment, profound spirituality, practicality and her witty sense of humor. She always connects with her students with a warm heart, sincere intention and bright smile. If your not mesmerized by her eyes, you will be by her magic of helping you get to such inner peace during shavasana. Oh if she wasn’t talented enough, she sings for you and probably would dance if you asked her to. I always look forward to all that Jen has to offer including guidance, yoga, nutrition, retreats, raindrop treatments and the list goes on because she is forever a student as well. When I met Jen Vagios, I felt like I finally met one of my great spiritual teachers and friends. It felt like home.
— Ila Vinchensky
Love, Love, Love Jen’s Yoga Classes!!! I have been taking Jen’s Yoga class for a few months now, it has become the highlight of my week!. I look forward to walking into that classroom knowing I’m going to leave there completely relaxed and stress free. I have learned something new in every class I’ve taken, whether it was physical or mental, and look forward to learning more. Jen has great passion for what she does, and it rubs off on all of her students.
— Tami Bryson (Yoga Lover and Wellness Enthusiast:))
We enjoy having Jennifer come to our house to do yoga with us. She is professional, knowledgeable, careful with injuries, and a good teacher. Just as importantly, she has a great personality and is fun to be with. We look forward to our yoga sessions with her and we highly recommend her as a yoga instructor.
— Pat and Phil Kemp
Jen is 100 % pure yoga magic. You have to try it to believe it! If you are a weekend warrior, an inflexible yoga skeptic or just plain stressed out, take one of Jen’s classes and tell me you don’t feel better! Cute, funny, flexible and a great start to any day. Who knew?! I now make yoga part of my routine because of Jen. Thanks Jen!
— Nate B.