Credentials and training don’t mean much if it’s not the right fit. Here are a few things about me that might help you decide whether we should embark on a fun healing journey together:

I believe that we all have the ability to feel good in our own bodies.

That living in a constant state of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and/or pain is not good for anyone and that you have a choice when it comes to your health. You can suffer, or you can heal. I might just be the catalyst to change you need. {aka: zen fairy cool aunt}.

I believe in real, whole food. 

The food that’s best for you comes from simple, healthy, unprocessed ingredients that don't have the shelf life of a twinkie. Real, from the earth foods, but I also believe that you should enjoy the food you eat & perhaps prepare it or chomp on it with love.

I believe in movement. 

Eating right is half the battle to feeling good. The other half is getting out there and moving your body! For you, that might mean yoga, or it might mean going to the gym after work or taking your dog out for a trail run. There’s no wrong method. But you've gotta get off the couch.

I believe in yoga. 

In particular, I’m a big fan of yoga for healing, strengthening, stretching and slowing down our crazy busy minds and keeping us sane. I credit yoga for teaching me to finally "slow down" and heal my own severe anxiety, stress and overwhelm. I’m also a runner and lift weights and do pilates. Yoga has had a profound effect on the aches and pains that running tends to bring. Through yoga, I’ve been able to find more ease { as in less of a cranky back, hamstrings and neck pain} in my running and in my life in general. Yoga can be what you need it to be. I'll get into spiritually woo but also geek out about anatomy and movement.

I believe in diversity. 

There’s no one way. There’s the way that will work for you. I can help you discover that way. 

I believe in getting hands dirty. 

Embrace sweat, make a mess in the kitchen, live it up! These are the keys to joy.

I believe in self-expression. 

For me, creativity comes in many shapes and colors: singing, learning, cooking, writing, teaching, music, and photography are all ways I express and communicate my creative passion for healthy living. 

I believe in helping people feel good. 

This is the crux of what I do, and the singular focus that inspires me to get out of bed in the morning. That and coffee :).

I believe in smiling and laughing every single day. 

If you aren't having fun, what are you doing? 

Together, we will create a holistic path just right for you, which might involve changes to the way you eat, adoption of a yoga practice, sound healing treatments or simply a shift in the way you are living your life and the foods that you eat. We’ll come up with an approach that works for YOU, so you can start to feel healthy, vibrant, energetic and CALM every single day.